Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Pregnancy at young age..

Unwanted pregnancy is on the increase in our society particularly African Nations.It is most significant among >>>>>
our youths due to one reason or the other>>>>>>>>>>>Adolescence age we all know is experimental age,that is when the adolescent tend to experiment and get answers to somethings unknown to them.>>>>>
<<<<<<<<<<<<<However some factors are associated to it

  • Lack of knowledge>>>>>>>>>>When you don't know as a youth,you will be eager to find out and the sometimes the first practice is marked by errors.
  •  Media factor>>>>>>>>>>Believe me sometime you engage in sexual intercourse wanting to practice what you had previously watched in a video and seeing that they don't use protective device ,you will want to know why.
  •   Error in technical know how>>>>>>>>>>Because you have heard about some terms, like douching,coitus interuptus(withdrawer method) and others,you will want to learn.Of course we know that the best knowledge one can get is learning by experiment.
  • Social pressure>>>>>>>>>>There is always mistake in everything,but you will want to always try because you mates are into it.
  • Economic factor>>>>>>Many indulge in the act of selling their body to get what they want and to satisfy their need thereby meeting the unexpected.>>>>>>>>>>>>Do you believe this???