Monday, 14 September 2015

Can Nigerian league ever be like those in Europe>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Many use to complain every time that our people do not have interest in watching their

country's league instead developed interest in watching and patronising those in Europe. Nigeria is perceived

by people as the "giant of Africa" maybe in such aspect as the her economy. However, our Nigeria sport

sector is died maybe be due to politics or maybe corruption or better still the inexperience of people handling
 it>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Many like Aliko Dangote are looking forward to buying clubs in

Europe thereby helping to further develop  their league instead of trying to proffer solution to ours and

making it a good one so that the attention of most people will be diverted.Its a nice thing to do business

outside your country but let the rich try to help the poor.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Money is in football and that's what most European

countries like great Britain is exploring so let try and look into what concerns us.Aleast Buhari is looking for people to probe,let him state with the football sector.