Wednesday, 23 September 2015

First it was Eweremadu,now is Sariki>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>It was said that our President is serious in the business of tackling corruption
<<<<<<<<<but now it turning from what we had taught to another thing which is fighting opponent with

EFCC in the name of fighting corruption.<<<<>>>>>>>>>>It seems that when the righteous fail to do what is suppose to >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

be done,the unrighteous will do it their own

way.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>First Mr President wanted

Eweremadu out which led to the allegation that he

forged the Senate act and he was probed but it seemed

that other senators advised the President that the case may lead to his impeachment so the matter died. Now

its been said that Sariki falsefully declared his assets which led to the court ordering his arrest after the EFCC >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
investigated his wife.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>How did the Presidency get to know that his assets

declaration was false.>>>>>>>>>>This is Osibanjo's asset declaration:
Osinbajo, who was a lawyer before taking office, declared a total of about $1.4m in three bank accounts and shareholdings in six private companies based in Lagos.
His assets also include three properties in Nigeria and a two-bedroom mortgaged property in Britain's Bedford, a town about 80km from London.>>>>>>>>>>Do you think there is transparency in that or he is trying to take away people's eye from him why he does his business