Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Is Sunday Oliseh really a better manager than Keshi >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

When the going was good,Keshi was seen as the Messiah but now he has been sacked and replaced by someone that has not been sighted as a manager or part of the crew for any National team before.
After Keshi qualified Togo for their first ever world cup,Nigeria when and signed him as the Eagles' coach
and he won the AFCON with the team, and he was honored by everyone including those that sacked him,
but alone the line things changed and suddenly they started criticizing him(maybe because the corruption
there started spoiling his business and he refused to dance to their tune) which led to his dismissal and
Oliseh coming into the game so that it would be said that a new coach have come but don't you think Eagles

are going backwards because from what i saw, negative changes have been recorded so far.Which way forward Nigeria???????????????????????????