Thursday, 17 September 2015

Niaija mentality vs Oyibo mentality>>>>>>>>>>>>

>>>>>>>>>The word "mentality" simply means the way of reasoning.
>>>>>>What is really the difference between the Nigerians think and the way Americans thinks.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>A Nigerian believes that respect is a one way affair(the younger ones to respect the older ones only).

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<American believes that respect is two sided.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Nigerians outline pot belly as a characteristics of a rich man(a rich man must have pot belly).

<<<<<<<<<<<<<Americans believe that flat tommy is the best no matter what.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Nigerians believe that once you are driving car you are a rich man.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<driving car is only your business.

>>>>>>>>Nigerians believe corruption is the order of the day

<<<<<<<<<<Americans trade with caution

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Nigerians believe that substandard goods may be compared to the original one
<<<<<<<<<<<<<American believe in getting the original goods only

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Nigerians believe that once your still living in your parents house you don't own yourself

<<<<<American ...................................Put your own after all its a joke