Thursday, 24 September 2015

When Health Education necessaery>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Health they say is well but another view on health can have it that health is the most valuable asset one has or can acquire.
>>>>>>>>>>Health goes a long way to determining how successful a person will be.>>>>However,

knowing about health and what to do to attain optimal health can be gotten through<<< health education.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Health Education can be viewed as any combination of leaning designed to facilitate

voluntary adaptation of behavior conducive to health.

>>>>>>Any education process that is concerned and promotes health is known as health education.Health

education has been formulated with the aim of helping people achieve health by their own action and effort.

Health Education is very important component of education as it is required virtually in anything one is doing.

Health education in the work place is known as occupational health which workers should be familiar with in order to eliminate the issue of health hazard.

Health education can be associated with environment which can be referred as environmental health

Health education can be associated with food processing which can be referred as consumer health which helps in the observation of food safety etc

Health education can be associated with heavy machines factories,hospitals,home etc known as safety education

When health education is necessary>>>>>>>>>

 It is necessary when handling a patient.

It is necessary when rendering aid to the sick and injured one.

It is necessary when handling food and food related products.

It is necessary at home when doing the daily activities