Monday, 14 September 2015

When self- medication is not advisable>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Self-medication is very common this days,
however maybe because of some reasons never known.<<<<<<<<<<<Self-medication can be described as getting the over-the-counter drugs and administering it yourself without the doctor's prescription.
Self medication can be hazardous which means it can produce harmful effect>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • Which includes delay in healing process.
  • Producing unintended, undesired, and maybe harm effect.
  • It may also cause you more money thereby creating economic burden.
  • Treatment of the wrong disorder as some illness produce similar symptoms.
  • It may lead to prolong use of drugs.
  • Prolong use of certain drugs maybe harmful to the system as every drug is a potential poison.
  • Use of different drugs at the same time for a particular illness may be dangerous and can alter the effect of others.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>So it is wise that we seek service of medical personnel when feeling ill.