Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Alexis Sanchez Vs Robert Lewandowsk!!Who will show greater impact in his team>>>>>>>>>>

They are both spectacular payers,they both have the scoring ability and both can b dangerous when they visit they defense line of the opponent>>>>>>>>>>Tonight, both are going into a contest

>>>>>>with Alexis Sanchez backing on to rescue his team and get them back on track with a chance to Image result for sanchezprogressing to the next level of Champion's League after losing out on the last two opening matches.Both has numerous goals to their name this season including in their country side.Robert Lewandowsk has scored a goal every 39 minutes in his last seven games.>>Arsenal will host the German giant  tonight in from of their home fans>>>>>The match is going to be interesting with lots of skills and experiences ,however the Gunners may play under a little pressure as they have task to complete but the Gunners boss has promised to throw in everything to see that they claim this crucial victory when the German team visits.

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