Thursday, 29 October 2015

Reasons for Breakup in a relationship>>>>>>>>>

>>>>>>>>Breakup do happen in relationships due to one reason or the other.It may happen at anytime in relationship.In intimate relationship,it is referred to as 'dumping', while in marriage it is called 'separation' or 'divorce'.
>>>>>>Break up in a short term is putting to an end an existing relationship.It can be initiated by anyone and can also be decided by both parties when there is communication breakdown.Many reason can lead to breakup but there are some few listed below>>>>>>Image result for picture of breakup couples

Breakdown in communication>>>>>>For a relationship to stand,there must be an excellent communication between the partners, however, when this is bridged,breakup maybe the next thing that follows.

Differences in sexual need>>>>>>>Some partners love sex and as such are very active,when they get into relationship with a passive person and are not always satisfied sexually,there is tendency that they will continue the relationship.Women need someone that can handle them well on bed,give them the satisfaction that they want.
Infidelity>>>>>>Commonly referred to as cheating,this days is getting common and can poise a great danger to one's relationship.Nothing destroys a person's sense of trust and relationship more than infidelity.It renders the other person useless making the person to feel guilty in himself.
Image result for picture of breakup couples
Lack of Trust>>>>>>>>Last of trust basically comes from breakdown in communication.When you can't be honest enough to you partner the truth about what is going on,lack of trust may come in and when this happens,there is nothing your partner will tell you and you believe.Staying in relationship when you have lost the trust in a person make you to be dissatisfied anytime the partner is close to you.

Insecurity>>>> This comes from lack of trust.It makes you see problem where there is no problem.When there is no security in anything you are doing,it's very risky to continue.

Financial instability>>>>Many enter into relationship because of the love of money,however when the money is not forth coming the relationship will start shaking.There will be complain,nagging,and that makes you to get side attraction else where.