Friday, 23 October 2015

Rules of dating>>>>>>

>>>Rules governs the game and knowing the rules of the game makes it easy to accomplish your mission>>>>>In dating also, there are some lay down rules that help you to achieve your aim>>>
Some of which are>>>>>>>>

>>>>>>Honesty>>>>>Neither party gets anything out of being dishonest, and you never know when you'll run into him or her again later in life.Getting to know the information you gave her is false will do you more harm than good and it bring bad reputation.
>>>>>>>>No pretense>>>You have to be yourself. Be confidence in yourself and tell her what you want but be careful in your use of words but be sure of what you want before going into it.Once you are sure of that, get yourself prepared and this will help to protect your self worth and esteem.
>>>Dating one woman at a time>>>>>Many a times,you have a foresight on another girl while on date.>>>When going on date,make sure its all about her and no other.Be careful not to call her another girl's name by mistake and always give her the attention she needs at that point.
>>>>Classic communication>>>>>>Communication clears the ground and set the stage for set goal. No relationship can go without. Intelligence is the sexiest trait a man can have Communicate your expectations and hopes and get on the same dating page.
>>>Don't base on false assumption>>>>Sometimes,we conclude without asking questions or trying to find out the truth.It is basically wrong for one to assume prematurely.For instance,When he admires someone, you already conclude what is going on in his mind
>>>Checking on each other>>>>>>>There are different means to do this,thanks to the advance in technology.we can all communicate more effectively than can text her,call her or trying to make it more real use skype
>>>No sex on the first date>>>>Many believe that there shouldn't be sex on the first date.Focus on building a strong relationship first and that is the most important thing.
>>>Make the first move>>>>In relationship,the girl initials and wait for the response in the girl.This makes you to understand her better without getting to ask some questions.Sometimes the woman will want to do something but will wait for the guy to make the move.
>>>>>Have sex only when both of you feel the same way>>>>>This should happen only if she is in the same state of mind with you.
   Don't let her pay>>>>>Sometimes the woman wants to pay when on a date.Don't allow that especially on the first outing as it many show the girl to which extent you can take your responsibility.Many guys will say"don't worry i will foot the bill"
>>>>>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<<Playing according to the rule helps you to achieve it faster