Saturday, 17 October 2015

This coconut sef>>>>>>>>>

<<<<<<<<<<<<<Telling you this story,you may be wondering how on earth will it happen>>>>>>>>
>>>>>>>>>>>One morning around 7am, my guy ran out of his room looking for coconut>>>>>>>>>on

Image result for coconutciting they tree,rushed and ploughed one that has not fully

matured(Akuoyigbo nakaraka) and was trying to remove the

back.Getting amazed  at what he was doing,i asked him what he think


is doing and why is he doing that????He told me he was looking for the

water in it.I asked again,why did he chose this one that is not fully

matured,and he continued by narrating a story for me and after he said he was taught by his lecturer that

coconut water has medicinal effect>>>>>>>>>My mind told me was not clear about that so i went to his room to check what happened and i was shocked when i found out that the guy was high and was looking for "curing"...lolz