Friday, 6 November 2015

Death is like a spark>>>>>>

>>>>Sometimes you ask,what age did God approve for one to die because how people die this days,one

can not tell.>>>>
>>>>>>It came as a spark at night but little did we know that a terrible thing would happen.>>>Death is inevitable we know, but not to flash the light and switch it off immediately. >>>>>Our brother,friend just
left us and its still unbelievable how he died.i really don't know but we can not do anything rather than give

Image result for pics of crossGod the glory for the life he spent on this earth.Image result for pics of marchie chukwunwike>>>>Really the time he spent on this earth with us was short but

Image result for pics of crosswe can not Marchie Chukwunwikequestion God for he knows everything.Telling us that you would leave us before the end of the

year would be joke but yet it happened.>>>>I pray as you have left us for the eternal journey, 

 >>>>>REST IN PEACE IN THE BLOSSOM OF THE LORD ALMIGHTY<<<<<<<Your memory will always remain with us
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>KELIS D BOY >>>rest in peace.We miss you<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<I also pray that we amend our ways and God will help us live a good life that people will always remember when we leave this world but please God give us long life and prosperity and don't allow a thing like this to happen again.I pray thee Lord.Amen