Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Can a relationship stand without trust>>>>>

>>>>>Trust is the bedrock of every relationship however lack of trust has enveloped many relationships of this days.>>>>>>Trust is something that people build over a long time but can be lost in a couple of seconds.
>>>>>Trust is the degree of confidence felt in a relationship.>>>>Trust brings about  safety, security, respect, love and friendship. Trusting someone means that you think they are reliable, you have confidence in them and you feel safe with them physically and emotionally.Image result for pics of couplesTrust according to researchers is an essential ingredient to a healthy relationship>>>>>>>>>
Trust can be lost through lies,  violence, infidelity e t c. Once it’s lost, there is usually hard to fix back together again.Sometimes` the behaviors that creates the distrust are difficult to change, because they are complex.However trust can do the following in a relationship>>>>>>>>
affectionate couple

Every relationship is built on trust>>>>>It is impossible to genuinely love some one without trusting the person as trust is the bedrock that supports a healthy relationship and even make it stronger.Trust is a key indicator that the relationship is healthy.If you cannot trust, then you cannot love.

Trust is a process of intimacy>>>>> It makes falling in love a complete process.Trust makes you to share heart with him or her because you know that it must surely be valued and treasured .The presence of trust makes you confident enough to share such things like feelings, emotions, memories with your partner.

Trust brings about sense of security>>>>>Trust is so important that it brings about feeling of security in a relationship.No one will stay in a relationship when he or she is not feeling secured.Lies and cheating brings about insecurity in a relationship and can break the trust in a relationship and in turn can create problems. If it is not restored the relationship will lead to stress, anxiety, reduced intimacy, and can potentially dissolve the relationship.

Trust is a valuable asset in every relationship>>>>>>It is the cornerstone that shapes an individual’s ability to engage in a happy relationship and it  provides the comfort whereby couples can learn to count on each other.
    Trust is built over a period of time by investing on each other,spending time together, and offering some sacrifices which are selfless instead of thinking alone about yourself.