Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Marriage tips>>>

>>>>>>According to FLAVOUR a Nigeria renown artist, "ebidosia ona-afio" meaning the start always come with enjoyment and lots of goodies.
<<<<<<Marriage is a good thing but may not be what you expect going into it.>>>>>>>>Marriage Image result for pics of wedding ringsometimes is faced with difficulties and occasional period of strain.This means that marriage comes with many challenges you may need to act fast to sustain your marriage. Marital problems and conflicts are sure to occur, hence we have to find solution and not to sit down and watch.There are some suggestions by experts that will make you overcome challenges of marriage>>>>>Compromise>>>>>>This can been seen as give and take because both will give something in order to reach a solution.Compromise helps relationship go smoothly.>>>>Submission>>>To attain a healthy marriage,both should work as a team but the wife should submit to the husband.When the decision can not be jointly agreed upon,the wife submits and the man makes it knowing she is the leader>>>withdrawal and standoff may also be employed.The post marriage tips appears first on chipelez.blogspot.com.