Sunday, 7 February 2016

A nursing mother stabbed nieghbour to death in Benue State and here is why>>>>>>>

 >>>>>>>>A 22year old Tererse Ayua was stabbed to death by a 22 year old nursing mother and a student of Benue State Polytechnic in the town of Gboko in Benue State. The killer is said to be in Police custody. According to report provocation led to the act and the untimely death of Teresa.

 According to the nursing mother who said they were neighbors and she had nothing with him apart from him abusing her ever since she had her baby and sometimes he would go as far as accusing me of abandoning my baby at night to sleep with other men.

 She also said deceased who was her neighbor at Gboko West and had for long teased her over the baby she had some four months ago. This went on for long and according to this woman, she kept appealing to him to stop. 

This fateful day he started again, I had to attack him back but the hot exchange led to a fight, he beat me and my baby fell from my hand, it was at that point that I reached for the knife I was peeling the orange with.

 Speaking on the matter, the Benue state Commissioner of Police, Mr. Paul Yakadi said the suspect would be charged to court at the end of investigations.