Monday, 29 February 2016

Natural remedy for Burns>>>>

Image result for pics of a minor burn         Burns are damages to the layers of the skin caused by fire, radiation from sunlight. Burns fall into three categories which can be classified according the degree of the damage. They are known as first, second and third degree burn.
First degree burn>>>>They are minor burns that affect the outer layer of the skin, often marked by the reddening of the skin.
Second degree burn>>>>>These degree of burn causes blisters due to the damaged tissue and it goes beyond the epidermis.
Third degree burn>>>>All the layers of the skin are affected. The affected area in the skin is usually white due to the loss of pigment cells.

First and second degree burn can easily be treated with home remedy but the third degree burn is usually serious and may require the attention of the doctor.
 Remedy for Burns>>>>>>>Place the affected part under a running water or dipping it in cold water for about ten to fifteen minutes to prevent the heat from causing further damage. Depending on the site of the injury, remove the clothing and apply ointment on it. Many people prefer rubbing groundnut oil on the surface of the affected part.

Aloe Vera>>>>The gel with a soothing and cooling properties is used by many homes for treating minor burns (eg sun burn). After running the affected area under water, then apply the Aloe Vera gel on it

Honey>>>>>>It's  antibiotic properties can help prevent infection and it also has a cooling property that can sooth the affected area.

Egg Whites >>>>> Not a popular one but many have attested to  treatment of burn using egg white. Simply separate the yolk from a couple eggs, and soak the burn in the egg whites.

Olive Oil >>>>>This is also use by many to treat minor burn. Applying it on the surface of the affected area will help to dry it.