Sunday, 7 February 2016

Super Sunday as Manchester United pays a visit to Stamford Bridge>>>>>>

 Loius van Gaal will to depend on Martial to deliver when they play Chelsea at Stamford Bridge later in the day. Looks like Man u has gone back to their winning ways as they beat Liverpool at the Amfeild, then tromp Skoke City 3-0 at Old Trafford last week. The players will be eager to extend the winning trek from today's match. What can Van Gaal do against Chelsea knowing fully well that Man u has only gotten a win at the Stamford Bridge since 2002. Manchester United is currently sited at the fifth position with 40 points, a step out of champion's League spot, while Chelsea, last season's Premiership Champions are sited at the 13th position with 29 points. Chelsea's new boss Hinddink will have at least get the team into the Champion's League spot. Both teams have class of players and will have to be discipline especially at the back.The post 'Super Sunday as Manchester United pays a visit to Stamford Bridge' first appears on