Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Getting rid of the pimples on your face>>>>>

Image result for pics of a face with pimple>>>>>Seeing spots on you face or skin sometimes makes the person feel uncomfortable, however it may not be a sign of illness but it makes the face rough. Pimple is a small inflamed or pus-filled spot on the surface of the skin or the face. They may results from excess oil getting trapped in the pores. Pimples occur when the sebaceous glands (oil producing gland) becomes infected. It mostly appears on the back, face, chest and shoulder. It is usually a minor acne and can be treated by regularly washing skin areas with neutral cleansers. It is usually caused when the dead skin cells left behind gets stuck together by sebum which is produced by the sebaceous gland, causing blockage in the pores (small openings in the skin). This may harbor bacteria (Propionibacterium acnes) which causes the inflammation. It is more likely to occur during puberty. According to research conducted by the researchers from the New York University and published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, people who eat a lot of high glycemic index foods and dairy products are more likely to have acne.

How to treat and get your face smooth again>>>>> Wash your face in the early morning with warm water and soap (preferable anti-septic) to remove the oil on your face and also at night before you sleep.

Some home remedies which can work for pimple are as follows>>>

Image result for pics of honeyHoney>>>According to  Dr. Krant, raw and organic Manuka honey has been shown to aid in wound-healing with its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Rubbing the honey over your face for at least 10-20 minutes before washing your face with warm water will help eliminate pimples and open the pores.

Image result for pics of lemon 
Lemon>>>It contains citric acid. According to Dr. Jaliman, it boast L-ascorbic acid (a natural astringent and anti-oxidant). Rubbing and leaving it overnight may be better.

Salicylic acid>>>>Salicylic acid is an active ingredient found in Asprin. It is used as an anti-inflammatory drug and it is probably best known for its use as a key ingredient in topical anti-acne products. After washing your face, get the salicylic acid or dissolve one aspirin in water, apply on the affected part and leave it over the night,then wash it off the following morning.

Benzoyl peroxide (BPO)>>>An effective for reducing the number and severity of acne lesions. It does not cause antibiotic resistance. Benzoyl peroxide is in form of gel with the concentration of 2.5% . Benzoyl peroxide commonly causes initial dryness and sometimes irritation of the skin.

Image result for pics of aloe veraAloe Vera>>> It is used as an active ingredient in moisturizers, face washes, soaps and sunscreen lotions due to its moisturizing, curative and calming properties. Aloe Vera contains saponins like gibberellin, mannans and polysaccharides which kill acne causing bacteria and viruses. The astringent property of aloe removes excess oil and dirt from the skin to prevent acne breakout.  Apply the gel on the affected area, leave it for about 15 minutes and wash off with warm water.

Image result for pics of garlic Garlic>>>>A herb that adds flavor to the food when added, however, it is appreciated by many for it's medicinal properties. It has being identified for acne treatment due to it's antibacterial, anti-fungal, antiviral and anti-septic properties that help to prevent clogged pores and thus, reducing acne. Crush the garlic cloves, apply on the affected areas, leave it for some minutes then wash off with warm water.

 Note: Do not pop or pick the pimple as it may leave back scar on your face.Just get your hands off your face.