Friday, 12 August 2016

Useful first date tips for ladies

Image result for picture of guy and a lady on a dateFirst date is usually exciting but it may be quite pressing because you will be eager to impress and show him how nice you can look. It is very important because it may be an opportunity to meet the love of your life as this will be a chance to see if both of you can fall in love.
These are some tips to consider that may be useful for you as a lady going on the first date.

Be yourself >>>> As a lady going on a date with a gentle guy, you have to show some class. Don't get too excited with the whole thing but be free with him.

Wear something good >>> First impression matters, looking good on the first date may determine the success of it but wear what makes you comfortable. Look great and smart while showing him how beautiful you can look. wear a very nice perfume as smelling will make you more attractive.

Show respect >>>>He may feel disrespected when you keep him waiting. Show up on time and try to light your face with a smile. Listen to him while he is talking.

Be positive >>>> Do assume or act on anything you don't know. Allow him to say his mind. Treat him with politeness and don't try to put yourself under pressure.  Establish boundaries as it is only the first date.

Exchange pleasantries >>>> This makes him feel more confident and less nervous around you. Try to have a nice time with him and don't withhold that smile. Also laugh when you feel what he is saying is funny or when he cracks a joke.

Drink responsibly >>>> Don't try to show him much you can drink and don't to compete with him. A glass of wine may be fine.

Ask questions >>>> Don't let him do all the talking, don’t just sit back and answer questions like you’re in an interview. Try to ask few questions where you don't understand him. When it comes to discussion, take part as that makes him feel confident.

Appreciate him >>>> Tell him how nice you think he is. Also try to let him know how fun it is to go on a date with him.

Wait for him to call you >>>>  Don’t call the guy. By calling him, you’re making feel you are already in love with him. The guy may not take you serious and feels he's already at it. Wait for him to call you even if you want to tell him how enjoyable it was