Friday, 24 March 2017

Is "URINE THERAPY" good for you?

Urine is a yellow liquid which is produced by human body as a waste product. It contains 95% water, 2.5% urea and 2.5% other minerals such as salt and other compounds.The kidneys make it when they filter toxins and other bad stuff from your blood. Urea, one of the content of urine has a toxic effect on the body. Drinking one's urine has been considered unhealthy because of the toxicity of some of it's components. Some argue that urine is a waste that the body has rejected and gotten rid of, and taking it back to the body will be very harmful to the body. However, a doctor in Russia has claimed to use urine therapy to treat people. Also, some credit has being given to urine therapy such as helping to prevent bacterial infection, viral infection, allergy, help in the fight against cancer, acne and other skin problem. Although many testimonies have been given about urine therapy,it has no medical and scientific backup to support it' as such some medical personnel and experts have warned against drinking urine. SOURCES: