Thursday, 13 August 2015

Guess why he divorced his wife.......

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Divorce refers to legal ending of marriage.Many things lead to divorce>>>>>>>>>>>>
It ranges from unfulfilled expectations on the part of one or both partner to disagreement for some reasons
However, some known reasons are->>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  • Sexual incompatibility-When one is sexual  passive and the other is sexual active,the sex life will not be equal and it leads to starvation on one person.>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  • Inability of the man to carry out with his responsibility-As a man of the house,you are placed with many responsibilities amongst which is paying the children's school fees,providing the food for the family.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  • Inability for the woman to carry  out her responsibility-As a woman, you need to take good care of your husband.Go to market, prepare food for your husband.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  • Inability to letting argument breaks you apart- Argument sometimes cause seriously problem among couples because both will not want to give in.