Friday, 7 August 2015

Silly things that Nigerian girls make guy do..

Due to the hardship in the country
Girl nowadays use some boys as their ATM machine and left them with no choice than doing some funny and silly things>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Image result for married man
  • Spend you last card: Have you ever ask a friend what makes her to love you as she claims.As a guy, you know just managing your self but because your into the game with a girl,you would choose to show that you "FOLLOW".Of course we know that girls are demanding but as a guy you will choose to displease yourself, to emty your pocket.However when your money is finished, the party will end. some guyz are MUMU shaa..
  • Engage in a fight. Most clashes are caused by girls.They will always try to cause problem maybe they like it just to know the extent their man can grant them security or may be they just enjoy seeing men fight.
  • Turn into womanizer: Most of us wont believe this but when your blinded by the so called love and she breaks your heart,that will turn you into a player because you are seeking for revenge and that may also turn you to a womanizer.
  •  Messenger: Just to prove much you love the girl,you will turn yourself to messenger.
Do you agree????????????????????