Sunday, 2 August 2015

Some known ways to manage stress

Ways to manage your stress

Some unbelievable ways people crave to manage their own stress may cause a temporal reduction but harmful at the long run. For example, smoking, drinking heavily just to forget the event, procrastination, taking sleeping pills et c .

Image result for pic of worried manHowever, some stress are part of us(daily routine activities) but it is believed that adoption and adapting to a positive way of life may go a long way to solving the problem.

These are some known ways in which one can manage stress.

·         Eating a well balanced meal – Especially your breakfast (its very important that you always eat breakfast in the morning before any other thing).

·         Image result for pic of worried manGetting enough rest –sleep is very important because it helps the organs of the body to relax and the body system will use that time to reboot itself again.

·         Limiting alcohol and social drugs (caffeine) –Too much of all these may aggravate anxiety which triggers panic.

·         Exercise- Believe me, exercise do help a lot. When your stressed up, get up, take a work and then come back to it.

·         Adapt to the stressor- Some stressors will always be there no matter what. For instance, you can take away your daily routine activities like going to work, cooking, etc but adapting to it makes it less stressful for us.

Also accept the things you can’t change and always learn to say “No”