Thursday, 13 August 2015

Types of boyfriend..

For guys only>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  • Academic boyfriend-boyfriend that takes you to night classes,helps your out in in the class activities.
  • Financial boy friend-He pays your house rent,gives you feeding allowance etc.
  • Asst Financial boyfriend-Takes of your hair,buys you shawarma,takes you to night club and pop champagne for you always.
  • Moral boyfriend-He is your church mate.Visits you.taps the necessary current even you are in church or at home.
  • Hostel boyfriend-Comes around to check you in your hostel
  • Party boyfriend-Takes you to all the night programes in school including burn fire night.
  • Original boyfriend-This is the one you value.The real guy that you always go to spend weekends in his house.Stay with him and share some romantic talks together>>>>>>>>>>>Which one are you????????????