Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Choosing the right partner.......

<<<<<<<<<<<<<We all know that at a certain age we all have to go into a union called "marriage". Many

may do not consider that there may be factors that makes it possible for you to marry the right one. Bearing in mind some of this factors may help you to get married and stay in your marriage>>>>>>>
  • Personal characteristics>>>>>many look at the beauty of a woman and that is good but for a woman or man that you want to share the rest of your life with,the personal character matters a lot.for instance, the manner he or she talks,the way the feels about people amongst others.An Igbo adage says "that the beauty of a woman is in her character"
  • Home and family background>>>>>>this factor matters a lot but people neglect it and sometimes it can cause problem because you really are.The family you come from. is it a polygamous family,is your Mum living with your Dad or is it a broken home, will go a long way to telling you what you should know and to handle it if you still want to go into it.
  •  Health consideration>>>>>>>>>there are health related problem that comes up when one enters into marriage without medically conducting a check like Genetic problem.
  • Age consideration>>>>>>>This does not really matter as the understanding is there but sometimes the reasoning will not be the same and as such it will become a problem.Age also makes you to understand that some situations are handled differently.
  • Genetic consideration>>>>>>>>>It can be considered under health problem.
  •  Religious consideration,Socio-economic consideration are among what you as a man or woman has to look out for before considering making some decisions>>>>>>>>>>>