Thursday, 13 August 2015

When your girl searches your phone to see what is there..

When you keep your phone and your girl picks and searches through your message box,sees some

messages that another girl sent you.What do you think will happen?
>>>>>>>>Girl: Baby where did you go to yesterday?
<<<<<<<<Guy: I went to my friend's house,why do you ask?
>>>>>>>Girl: Who is Tutu?
<<<<<<<<Guy: Babym i don't know but i guess i have heard that name before.
  Guy picks his phone and searches his inbox,trying to delete the messages.
    >>>>>>Girl: But i saw the message that she sent you.
  Girl crying, so baby your cheating on meGoogle Nexus 5X
<<<<<<<<Guy: Baby please stop all this, i don't have anything to do with her. She is just a friend.
>>>>>>>>>Girl: you have the gut to tell me that she is just a friend.
<<<<<<<<<<Guy: Baby you know i can't cheat on you because you are the angel of my life.
Girl still crying>>>>after all the promises that you will never hurt me.
<<<<<<<<Guy Baby don't let all this scatter our relationship.Please am sorry,it wont happen again
>>>>>>>>>>Girl:You are so wicked and heartless.
<<<<<<<<<<<Guy: Baby its not my fault but i can explain.
>>>>>>>>>>Girl: Explain what????
          <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<What do you think he has to explain??????