Sunday, 2 August 2015

Will you ever talk to her again>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

When u realized that you have just slept with your brother’s girlfriend…

                She is very pretty and tempting. She has what it takes to make a man go crazy.

 She came to the house on a faithful day like that looking for your brother, and you told her that he is not home but instead of her going, she offered to wait for him a little while.

You offered her drink and decided to keep her company till you brother comes home but suddenly she began with the discussion that you find emotional disturbing and you will want to walk away but for the fact you are a man, you stood your ground. Suddenly, you saw yourself kissing and caressing your brother’s girl who also throws in everything as she released herself to you. Thirty minutes later you got yourself and realizing what has happened>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>how will you see the girl anytime she’s with you brother?