Sunday, 8 November 2015

See what this Hausa man did today>>>>>>

>>>>>An Hausa man went to open account in bank,as he finished,he was given his particulars including his ATM card.
>>>>He was told that the bank has made the transaction easy and as such,he can use the ATM machine
Image result for pics of hausa man going to bank
outside the bank.He asked why can't he withdraw here,and he was told he can but the machine is still outside >>>>>>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<<
there for his convenience.He left there talking to himself.The next day,he went straight to the ATM machine,

withdrew all his money and went back inside the bank,meeting the guy in bank,gave him the money and said he>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<
brought the money because i don't want my money to be outside in the ATM machine but he wants his money to be in the bank