Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Coconut oil and its many benefits>>>>>

>>>>>>>>>Coconut oil is a colorless oil extracted from coconut meat or flesh.It has lauric acid as one of its major content which is believed to have anti-bacteria effect against acne causing bacteria.>>>>Lauric acid is often considered for its huge health benefits<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
>>>>>>Though it contains saturated fat,there are some properties that makes it special.Coconut oil contains medium-chain fatty acid which helps to stimulate the body mechanism.>>>>>>>>>>Coconut oil is beneficial in many ways as it is used in cooking,it is an important ingredient in manufacturing soap.It can also be used as moisturizer,helping your dry skin.>>>>>Coconut oil also have some health benefits>>>>these include>>>>>

 >>>>>>>>>>>>Coconut oil helps in weight loss>>>>>>>>> It contains meduim chain fatty acid which to take of excess fat in the also aid metabolism

>>>>>Lauric acid in coconut has anti-bacterial effect>>>>>>>>>>> Coconut oil contains about 52% of lauric acid which study has shown to have anti-microbial effect against micro organisms such as virus,bacteria.It can also kill the harmful bacteria in the mouth and improve dental health.Coconut

>>>>>>>>Coconut oil can serve as moisturizer>>>>It has a moisturizing effect on the body,helping the dry skin preventing protein loss and it helps in healthy growth of the hair,nourishes the hair and protect the hair from damage due to its antioxidant effect.It can also improve the healthy appearance of the skin and hair.

>>>>>>>>>>It may help to check the cholesterol level>>>>>The lauric acid contained in coconut oil is said to lower the cholesterol level and prevent heart diseases such as high blood pressure.It can also positively affect the hormones for thyroid and blood sugar since coconut can help insulin use within the body.

>>>>>>>It aids metabolism in the body>>>>>>>Coconut oil can boost thyroid functioning thereby increasing metabolism.It also aid digestion.
     Other health benefits of coconut oil include slowing the progress of Alzheimer's disease,prevention of liver diseases>>>>>>>>