Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Low Sexual Desire: The causes

Low desire is often witnessed among lovers.Sexual desire and responsiveness normally differ between men and women, and assumptions of sexual equivalency may falsely suggest the existence of hypoactive desire disorder. Men are more readily biologically aroused than women, and, for them, desire is tied tightly to physiologic arousal. Among women, sexual desire is typically more psychological and situational, influenced by how they feel about their bodies as well as the quality of relationship with their partner. Moreover, women often do not experience desire until after they are genitally aroused, and arousal may require an extended period of foreplay . According to Maureen Whelihan, a gynecologist serving in Palm Beach County, FL, low desire is by far the most common sexual health issue for women. Hypoactive sexual desire disorder, the medical term for a low sex drive, can have many different causes -- physical, emotional, cultural, or a combination of those, Whelihan says. Hypoactive sexual desire disorder could happen because of such problem as hormone problem or health condition such as diabetes, anxiety, depression, or sleep disorders.It can still be as a result of side effect of a medication. Even smoking and alcohol can affect desire. Or it may have to do with the quality of your relationship with a sexual partner. Getting a health professional or a doctor to help you figure out what is going on can help in finding the solution. SOURCE: psychologytoday webmd