Saturday, 25 March 2017

What does the color of my Urine says about me>>>>>>

Urine is a clear, transparent fluid produced by the kidneys as a waste product. The yellow color comes rom chemical byproduct that results when the kidneys do their job of processing waste, according to Koushik Shaw, MD, a Urologist and the founder of Austin Urology Institute in Texas. He further explains that the yellow color of urine reflects good balance between over and under-hydration. Changes in the color of your urine is often caused by medication, certain foods or food dyes, according to Mayo Clinic. Some o these foods are able to alter the color of the urine because the compound in the fruit that them their color is excreted in the urine. However, where these color does not clear by the next day, it should be a sign that something is wrong, says shaw. For instance, when the color of your urine is red, it maybe that you have eaten fruits such as blackberries but when the red color lingers the next day, it could be a sign of bladder or kidney tumor. Urine color can equally be altered due to the rapid breakdown of red blood cells. For instance, As the red blood cells breakdown, the urine appears brownish in color. WHAT ARE COLORS AND WHAT DO THEY MEAN. Green>>>>When you pass a green urine, it is probably due to dyes in the food or medication that you have taken, but it could still be a sign o Urinary Tract infection. According to expert, blue color of urine can indicate that there is too much calcium in your bone. Orange or brown color>>>>>This could means the person is dehydrated or probably have taken high doses of B12 vitamin. When it is accompanies with abdominal pains, rashes, or sizure, it is possible you have a genetic condition, says Shaw. Cloud white color>>>>This could be a sign of kidney stone or really bad infection. Sources: WebMD Mayo Clinic