Sunday, 13 December 2015

Advent continues as it marks the third Sunday>>>

>>>>>>>>Today is the beginning of advent and the the beginning of the liturgical Year for churches in Anglican Communion.
Image result for pics of st andrews church obosi>>>>>It is called Parousia in Greek used to refer to the second coming of Jesus Christ>>>>>>It usually starts on the fourth Sunday before Christmas>>>>>>It is also seen as the season of preparation for the second coming of Christ which according to the priest that gave the sermon today at St Andrew's Church Obosi, Ven. Dr. Oswald Ezekwere, is coded in 4"W"s and 1"H">>>>
The first "W" is when is he coming?
The second is why will he come?
The third is what will he come to do?

The fourth is whom is he coming for?

The "H" is how is he going to come?
                According to him,it is a time we will examine ourselves to know how ready we are to receive the master(JESUS CHRIST) as the time of his coming is unknown.He also talked about the color which he said is purple signifying royalty.>>>>He also stressed further that we the Christians are suppose await the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ in good faith and with a pure heart.>>The post Advent continues as it marks the third Sunday first appear on