Saturday, 12 December 2015

Essential features of trust in a relationship>>>>>

>>>>>>>>Trust the bedrock of every relationship without which relationship cannot stand or has a little chance.How do you know a relationship is based on trust>>>>>>
>>>>>>>Below are some of the essential features of trust in a relationship

Trust relationship requires you to open yourself to others >>>this may lead to some certain risk such as betrayal and rejection.
Trust relationship does not expect you to overreact in a situation that may remind people of their past events that triggered emotional insecurity.
Trust relationship allows room for mistakes, pardons and shows each other positive value.
Couples in trust relationship are able to listen to, talk to, and touch each other in a caring atmosphere.
Learning to interpret your partner’s behavior is the key to developing trust
Trust and intimacy are the foundation of a healthy and committed relationship.
Couples in trust relationship are able to value a good sense of humor and exhibit communication, cooperation and the ability to resolve constructively their conflict.>>>
These features are according to Donattele, Davis & Hoover.

Further reading>>
Donattele R. J, Davis L. G, & Hoover C. F. (1991).Access to health.