Monday, 14 December 2015

Harmattan:The health issues associated with it>>>>

>>>>>>>>>>Harmattan is a season with cold, dry, dusty wind from the Sahara towards west Africa especially between November ending and mid-May.
>>>>It is characterized by cold-dusty wind. In some African counties, it limits visibility as it comes with a heavy amount of dust.>> The skin is usually dry accompanying with the cracking of the lips. >>>During this Image result for elderly man sneezingperiod, the issue of malaria is reduced because it is unfavorable for the bleeding of mosquitoes. It is also marked by reduced temperature which can result in spontaneous nosebleeds for some people especially the Elderly. During harmattan, a lot of health problems are present such as Asthma and other respiratory tract infections. Cough, sneezing and cararrh are among some of the symptoms common to most people.>> Oluwajimi  Shodipo, a specialist at the University Teaching Hospital, Ikeja said that harmattan dust increases the cases of respiratory infections such as Asthma, Influenza and Pneumonia.>>>The dust can also trigger bronchitis. Harmattan also gives discomfort to people with certain allergic conditions.He advised people to visit the clinic should they experience such>>>>>>