Saturday, 12 December 2015

See what this pregnant girl told her mother>>>>

When the mother noticed that her daughter was pregnant and asked how did it happened?
>>>>>>This was what the daughter had to say>>>>>>>
Mother: Why and who got you pregnant?
Daughter: I don’t know but I did what you told me.
Mother: hmmm….and you got pregnant?
Daughter: But you told me that when a man touch my breast I should tell him “DON’T” and when he touch my buttocks I should say “STOP” .
Mother: Then what happened?
Daughter: But I did as you said.
Mother: So how come you got pregnant?
      Daughter crying knelt down and started begging the mother to forgive her that it was by mistake.
Mother: Just tell me what happened first?
Daughter: Mother am very sorry ,I told him but he wouldn’t stop.
   Mother got angry and asked her who and how?
Daughter: When he touched my breast, I said “DON’T” and when he touched my buttocks, I said “STOP”  but he touched the both together and I said “DON’T STOP” so he……….please forgive me>>>>>>>