Thursday, 17 December 2015

Some signs and symptoms of stroke you have to watch out for>>>

>>>>>Stroke or CVA(Cardio-Vascular Accident) is as a result from damage to arteries  that supply blood to the brain there by depriving a part of the brain oxygen and nutrient which leads to the death of the cells.>>>Stroke can be a serious, life-threatening medical condition >>>>>
>>>>The effect includes paralysis of the limb or one side of the body and disturbances of speech and vision.>>Stroke is most common among the older people.>>>Below are  listed some of the signs and symptoms you should watch out for when you are suspecting this cardio-vascular accident>>>>

Image result for pics of person suffering from stroke>>>Sudden weakness of  the arm, the leg or one side of the body.
>>>Difficulty or coordination of speech and trouble understanding speech.
>>>Sudden and prolonged fever without cause.
>>>Occasional falls or unsteadiness.
>>>>Unexplained dizziness.
>>>>Having problem with your sight or sudden dimness of vision.>>This may be regarded as the warning signs and upon noticing this,go for diagnosis.If left uncheck,this may be followed by the main signs which include<<< inconsistency in urine and change in bowel habit>>>>>deep and stertorous breathing>>>>unconsciousness and maybe to coma>>>>>