Thursday, 11 August 2016

First date tips for men that may be useful

Having worked hard enough to convince her to give you a chance, i bet you wont like to mess yourself up on the first date. Sometimes it ends up a success but sometimes still it ends up a failed date. However the under listed will help you achieve your aim on the first date
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Plan yourself >>>>>Have in mind where and when the date will take place. Try to choose a comfortable location that will allow your the chance to chat. You need to come up with good and reasonable ideas,do assume that your girl will like your funny character. Have something interested in mind that you will say to her while avoiding putting her off as a perfect date tells about the relationship she is going into.

 Be confident >>>>Girls always like guys that are bold in whatever they are doing. Ask questions and try as much as possible to be lively.  Your comportment tells a lot about you.

Dress well >>>>>>You need to wear something that is attractive. Girls can tell a lot about a guy by the type of attire he's wearing. Also get your shoes clean so to look like a nice guy. Be clean and smart as these tell a lot about you.

Be there on time >>>>>Definitely the girl will be pissed off waiting for you to show up. Arriving late means she is not too important. Don't make her wait but if you have to be late then try and give her a call.

Start an interesting conversation >>>>>Don't be the one to only ask questions an don't let her to be answering part. Allow her to ask you and you answer. Express yourself and also be a great listener. Try also to know what she likes most.

Ask before you act >>>>> She is the one you are taking out, so try as much as possible to ask her what she feels like taking. Don't assume she will like what you are about to get for her. Take it as her day and don't let any distraction especially from other girls.
Image result for picture of men and woman on a dateCompliment her >>>>Tell her how nice you feel she looks. Tell her she’s beautiful but avoid comments that sound too sexual as it may spoil the whole thing. Girl always like to know what you think about them. Also thank her for honoring the date.

Walk her home >>>>>Don't leave her to go home alone. Try to ask her if she will like you to walk her home. Also try to tell her how happy you are

Keep in touch>>>>> Call to know how she felt about the date. Sound communication make good relationship so try to stay in touch by calling to check on her.

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