Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Does this bill that was paased into law causing more harm than good................see the bill

i can really say anything but i think people have to trend with caution. Passing a gay bill into law doesn't mean a guy has to disturb the peace of other people.

one day i saw a chat on my phone via whatsapp with no picz
                            "baby u have forgotten me"
.i told the person to put the picture so i would see it but i got
different answer.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
As a sharp wey i dey call myself,i cum call the number with my second line, na boy pick am.i no tok again i cum cut am so as we still dey chat and em dey tell me things na there i cum tell am say na me just call am with another line.feeling the heat em con tell me say em dey the boy friend house and e dey beat am for say i call the number. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>wetin i no understand na say weda na homo or just the guy wan scam me"