Tuesday, 5 April 2016

One in every three cases of tuberculosis is never diagnosed>>>>>

Image result for pics of tb diagnosing machine>>>>>>>>According to the President of the Nigeria Thoracic Society (NTS), Prof Etete Peters, about one in three people with TB are never diagnosed and this is a source for concern. He stated that when this happens, they are left untreated and will continue to spread the disease in the community. He noted that  tuberculosis is the single commonest infectious disease worldwide with an estimated 9 million cases and 1.5million deaths annually while a third of the world's population is infected with mycobacterium tuberculosis with new infection every second, while saying that of the estimated 9 million cases worldwide in 2013, only 5.7 million were reported to various national TB programme.
Country director of the Royal Dutch TB Foundation (KNCV), Dr Mustapha Gidado,
said on Thursday that “There are free drugs at facilities provided by the federal ministry of health under support of partners but we are not getting good utilisation of those facilities, and therefore Nigeria is not diagnosing and not detecting enough number of TB patients". "If we keep managing those coming to hospital, we will never control TB, we are like mopping the kitchen floor when the tap is on but if we are going to control TB, we need to run off the tap.” said Gidado.
 Peters called for a collaborative measures against this disease, pointing that those whose diagnosis were missed, or were not reported, and they constitute the pool for new infections and diseases especially in Nigeria. He also stated that NTS is ready to collaborate with the government in looking for innovative control approaches that would reduce the ravaging effect of the disease, ensuring a TB free country and work force.
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