Sunday, 16 April 2017

Staying healthy during the Easter holiday

Easter is one of the most celebrated periods especially among the Christians that commemorate the death and resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ. During this period, many activities go on such wedding ceremonies, musical concerts, comedy shows, cultural festivals,and different celebrations. People in the city also travel home to celebrate with loved ones. During this period also, because of the many activities that go on, people let themselves loose and some engage in an unhealthy activities. Easter in Nigeria is fun with lots of activities and events lined up to celebrate the season. Having a healthy Easter holiday is everybody's wish but how can we achieve this???? To stay healthy during this period, these tips may be useful 1 Eating a healthy diet - Good diet will help you stay healthy especially during the Easter busy period. Include fruits and vegetables in your meal as they are important sources of vitamins and minerals which are vital for proper body functioning. In addition, They are high in dietary fiber which is very important as it can provide the body with many health benefits as well, such as helping to maintain a healthy weight and lowering your risk of diabetes and heart disease. Also try to include some fishes. This will provide you with omega-3 fats, which is very essential to the body and can help to prevent heart disease. Avoid too much of red meat to keep you cholesterol level in check. 2 Hanging out with friends - sometimes the most effective way to relax is by spending quality time with your best friend. it is always great to roam around with friends than just staying alone. Hanging out with friends is actually a healthy habit that can reduce your stress and tension. It can be a great stress buster. Studies also show social activities improve your mind. 3 Getting enough relaxation - There are many relaxation centers that one may find worthy. Relaxation may be engaging yourself in mild activities such as reading novels, going to the beach, having fun with friends. Avoid strenuous activities that will spoil the holiday fun. Visit old time friends, Chat wit friends, go to the park together. 4 Sipping some bottles of wine - It is always healthy to take some bottle of wine depending on your capacity. Small quantity of of alcohol in the body may have a positive health effect. Wine is good for relaxation and it carries many health benefits with it. 5 Having fun with family - During this Period, some people found it more convenient to travel home. Take your family out. Visit some good places and have some fun. Go on picnic with your family. 6 Taking a good sleep - Remember that good sleep is required by your body after a long busy day to reset and function efficiently. Take anything that will destroy you from getting enough sleep as it is important for your health. Try to enjoy your holiday to the maximum, avoid distractions. Plan your activities and get a healthy meal too.