Sunday, 18 October 2015

Congratulation to Mesut Ozil as he was awarded man of the match in yesterday's game>>>>>

>>>>>>Mesut Ozil was very outstanding in the game that saw Arsenal cruz past Watford in a three goal thriller<<<<<<<<<
>>>>>>>>Watford had their chances in the first half,creating chances for themselves,however they failed to

scored.>>>>>>>>>>>>Arsenal made it easy after the break as they showed what they are made of.

Although Ozil was relatively anonymous during the first of the game,he showed his class after the break
Mesut Özil
providing some passes including the two assist he made.>>>>>>>>>>No doubt he put up an excellent

performance and he was awarded the man of the match,however the Gunners will face a very tough test

when they play the German giant(Bayern Munich) in

Ueafa Champion's League midweek.>>>>>chipelez.blogspot