Friday, 16 October 2015

How to improve your relationship>>>>>>>>>>

>>>>>>>>>>Relationships need a little sacrifice sometimes to keep it going>>>>>>>>Some actions
>>>>>>>>>>makes your partner  feel loved, appreciated and desired and will, in turn, make you feel more

connected to him/her. Whether you like to increase intimacy, find a thoughtful way to say "I love you," or just

Image result for couple with rose flowershow her how grateful you are staying close to her.Below may be useful ways to reconnect with your significant right moment>>>>>>

Always appreciate her>>>>>>>>>>>whenever you are close to her,tell her sweet things like "Baby i love u". Try to stroke her hair and tell her how beautiful she looks.

Share a memorable story with each other>>>>>>>>>>>when you get close,try to share some interesting stories.

Say something postie to each other>>>>>>>>>>>>Let the comment you have about each other be a positive one as it makes a happier relationship.

Listen to each other>>>>>>>>Always try to pay attention to each other while talking.Be an active listener when one is talking as communication matters a lot in relationship.

Give each other pet name>>>>>>A unique name that is will only be known by two of you as studies have shown that nicknames are a sign of a strong relationship.You may come up with a nickname suck BABY, MY DAMSEL,LOVIM and so on.

Compliment each other when their is good work>>>>>>>>>>>Appreciate the little effort that each has made.

Always apologize when your wrong>>>>>>>This goes a long way to clear some doubts and strengthen the relationship.

Play with each other often>>>>>>>>>>>Sex is a good for a relationship but should not be made the integral part.Always find the time to engage yourselves in romantic play(foreplay) as it may be the sweetest part of sex.

Always check on each other>>>>>>>>>You can call to know how she is doing,go to the house or the workplace,text and so on,.

Have sex>>>>>>>>>>Sex bound every relationship together, in fact it keeps the relationship going but don't be too selfish about that.

Watch erotic films together and share your fantasies>>>>>>>>>By doing this,the love will be kept flowing.Look into her eye and tell her what you see and what you wish.

Present gifts to each other>>>>Always get a gift for her when you are coming back from work and so on>>>>>>>>>>