Saturday, 3 October 2015

Nigeia at 55>>>>>>>>>>>>>

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Congratulation to Nigeria as she celebrates her 55th year of

>>>>When man reaches 55 years and is still not doing what he is suppose to do, people

will regard him as a non entity that can never bring forth good thing again but here is our great

Country Nigeria yet our leaders think that getting on top there is the avenue to fight your enemies

instead of pushing forward and trying to make the Nation a great one.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Is it that we were not mature <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

when we pulled out????This is a time to look back through the years and critically analyze the

journey so far, being mindful of the mistake that happened in the past will help our dear President to

avoid such mistakes take could hinder us from  moving with the age. >>>>>>>>>>>In the past, Nigeria has <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

achieved a lot but there are many things left undone such as the issue of unemployment, standard of

living in the country, the standard of  education in Nigeria.<<<<<<<<<<< The past administration tried by creating >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

SURE-P which help people to acquired some skills while they still earn a living out of that. A better

initiative can help move the country forward.>>>>>>>>>>>>> This is not the time to use your

power to fight those you claim are your enemies but its a time to figure things out and tackle the

problem so we have a better Nigeria.