Friday, 16 October 2015

Tips for a successful courtship>>>>

>>>>>>What do you know about courtship?????Do you really believe in courtship????Courtship is the bridge you have to climb before you say your 'I do'.
<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<When you know the reason for getting into courtship with your partner,you are likely

to have a successful courtship.Exploring each other to understand the different aspect of each other's lifestyle >>>>>>>>>>>>>>
may be the may reason people are going into courtship.

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Have in mind the reason for going into courtship>>>>>>>>Everything someone does has a reason and knowing the reason and working towards it makes that to be successful.

Make a decision about the person you want to marry>>>>>>>Getting to know that you really want to marry the person will make you to be free with the person and as such get to really achieve your objective of getting into the courtship.

Do not hurry into intimacy>>>>>>Don't rush into sex,try to learn the physical before the emotional as everything has time.
Try to voice your opinion>>>>>Try to ask questions and say your mind but in a friendly manner.

Romance>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>This is vital for successful courtship.Get close to each other,play with each other as courtship should be lively.

Take up a lingering issue>>>>>>>>>>>>At the beginning,you may have noticed something but pretend as such nit may be a lingering issue that you may not want to discuss with each other about that but now you are in courtship,you rather bring it out and tackle  it than letting it affect your marriage.

Think about your the future with each other>>>>>>>>>>>>>>During the stage of courtship when you are satisfied with each other,get to know what you want and what the other person may not want. A courtship can give you both time to adjust and think over what you want together.>>>>>>>>>>