Friday, 16 October 2015

Tips that will help you stop smoking>>>>>>>>>

>>>>>>>>>>>>Are you a cigarette smoker and you want to stop but it wont let you>>>>>>>>>>these tips may help you a lot when carried out with sincerity.First of all,you have to determine that you want to stop smoking.<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Cigarette butts in ashtray

Make up your mind >>>>>>>Making up your mind about quitting smoking is the first things that leads you to stopping it.Say you don't want to smoke again and mean the business of quitting it.

Choose a reason that will motivate you to stop>>>>>>>>>>Why do u want to stop this very act. Give yourself a reason and a concrete one.Does it make you feel bad,does it have a decolorizing on your teeth,what about the bad odour it gives you.So get a reason and stick to it.

Think positively >>>>>>>>>>>>Always think positive about the decision you have made.Get yourself to always think that you will have a better life when if you stop it.Think about how stopping it will boost your health.

Tell people about your decision to stop >>>>>>You can't do it alone,so you need people who can help you stop that.For instance when they see you,they will collect it from you and break it.They will always make yo to see the bad side of it.

Try the alternative to smoking>>>>>>>>>>There are pills you take to reduce the craving to smoke. Ask your doctor,check sites that talks about such pills,also ask those you know that have smoked in the past and have stopped.

Choose your rewards>>>>>>>>>Telling yourself that this the reward i will get if i quit will surely give you an edge to stop smoking

Engage yourself in activities>>>>>>>>>>>This will make you not to have the to ask for cigarette. Engage yourself in lively activities that can bring positive change to you.

Avoid those things that trigger you>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Avoid those things that make you to ask for one. Get alternative way to deal with the pressure and always avoid being under stress.>>>

<<<<<<<<<<<Hopefully when you take into consideration these will stop smoking>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

One of the biggest elephants in Africa has been killed by a Western hunter in Zimbabwe, less than three months after Cecil the Lion was shot dead.

The German national poses with the dead elephant and his guide
The elephant - thought to be the largest killed in the country for more than 30 years -was shot on October 8th. Its huge tusks weighed 122 pounds and the German hunter reportedly paid £39,000 for a
hunting permit to shoot the bull elephant as part of an organised hunt at Gonarezhou National Park in south-east Zimbabwe.

Images of the elephant, with the hunter and a man believed to be his guide, were shared on social media. - See more at: