Monday, 19 October 2015

When a boy is staring at your big breast and telling you baby i love you>>>>>>>

>>>>>>>>>>>>Ask which is preferable,many guys will tell you that they are okay with girls that has big boobs and the other one still big
>>>>>>>When a guy as he approaches you starts telling you some sweet things like 'baby i love' while his

eyes are fixed on your big breasts>>>>>>> Looking into his eyes,you ask him what is going on???Quickly

he reply without wasting time 'i am admiring your beauty'. Baby has someone else told you that you look

very pretty.Na wash>>>>>>>>Baby please turn around first?Guy man starts looking at the big

ass,comparing and contrasting.Again,the girl notices it and asks and the guy says this time that he is just

looking at pattern of the skirt.Baby i guess this from abroad?but inside him,he is wondering why only you has those big stuffs along.>>>He wonders why God just packaged you like this>>>>>>>Why he didn't give others small from it>>>>>Na joke