Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Helping a suffocating victim>>>>>

>>>>Suffocation can be medically referred to as asphyxia, a condition where the body is deprived of oxygen or reduction in oxygen level resulting to unconsciousness or death in many cases.

Image result for pics of a suffocating person recieving first aidWhen the body lacks oxygen, the organs and tissues will fail, potentially leading to death. A common example of suffocation is choking and it occurs when the airways are blocked caused by many factors such as carbon monoxide inhalation and some illnesses.

 This commonly occurs in the case of Smothering which is when the mouth and nostrils are both obstructed, either eliminating or greatly reducing the flow of air into the lungs.
 Cases of smothering can be either accidental or intentional. Suffocation can occur in children and may be caused mainly by smaller food products such as fruits and vegetables, popcorn, candy, hot dogs, pretzels, etc.

The majority of children die of suffocation in their sleep, and 60 percent of infants suffocate due to pillows, while poorly maintained and old cribs account for more than 30 infant strangulation deaths each year. In regard to toys, choking makes up almost 50 percent of all toy-related deaths nationwide.
Suffocation may be due to inhalation of poisonous gases, severe infections, fire outbreak, strangulation. 

  •  Firstly remove the patient from the point of incidence, in the case of fire or smoke and ensure the person is safe.
  • Restore breathing and ensure the airways are open.
  • Administer CPR where necessary.
  • Remove the tight clothings.
  • In case of drowning, tilt the client to one side with head down.
  • Arrange for a vehicle to convey the victim to the hospital or call for medical help.