Thursday, 17 March 2016

Hot weather: Expert gives advice on clothing>>>>

>>>>> Dr Arikawe Adeolu is a General Practitioner in Federal Medical Center Abuja. Adeolu gave the advise on Wednesday against wearing dark colored and heavy clothing as a protective measure under the hot weather.

Image result for pics of Dr Arikawe AdeoluWhile talking to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), Dr. Adeolu stated that wearing dark and heavy clothing caused the body heat to increase thereby increasing the chances of developing heat rash and other related infections. Instead, he said that bright coloured cloths should rather be preferred as they allowed more air into the body, making the weather bearable.
 He also advice women against wearing heavy make-ups. According to him, it blocks the pores preventing air from entering the body to give a cooling effect.
 He also noted that anything that blocks the pores is not good especially in the hot season because the natural cooling mechanism is being interrupted.
He also advised against use of ointment such as body cream during the hot season  and said that allowing air passage into the body helps to keep heat rashes off.

 He stated that staying in a ventilated environment and taking showers frequently could help manage the heat rashes. He also said that the use of  powder in treatment of heat rash was yet to be medically proven but added that it could be used as it gives a cooling and soothing effect to the body. According to him, powder makes the skin feel less irritated so it can be a good remedy for heat rash.

"When you bath you can allow the water on the body to dry by itself rather than using a towel".
"Heat rashes do not itch and so cannot get infected; it is only rashes that itch that usually get infected because one tends to scratch them and open them up,"said  Adeolu. 

Source:The Guardian