Monday, 21 March 2016

How to know he is cheating on you>>>>>

>>>>In a relationship, there is tendency your man will cheat on you when he is satisfied. There may be reasons for him to cheat on you that may even be unknown to you or you are unaware of. You may be suspecting him but you are not sure. However, there are some clue that will help you find out if he is cheating on you.  According some experts, the first usual sign is perceiving another woman's perfume on your man's cloth or hair.
10 Signs He's Cheating On You
His behavior towards you changes>>>Usually when a guy is cheating on you,his behavior changes. Some get to shower you with gifts that they don't normal buy you.Some tend to avoid you and always feel busy anytime you call. For some, having an affair can make them act happier in their life... or guilt can make them try to make it up to you subconsciously,according to expert.

He barely notice or appreciate you>>>>>He stops appreciating what you wear or how good your make-up is. He doesn't notice even when your appearances changes. He always appear to busy and not having time for you.

He hides his message from you>>>>He starts locking his phone suddenly.Even when you ask for his phone to check maybe time, he starts giving you excuses. He will always be conscious of his phone when you are with it. Some may has a separate number that they always hide from their partner when they suspect you will be having access to their main phone.

He always finds fault in everything you do>>>>>> Attack is a cheater’s best form of defense.
He is suddenly not satisfied with what you do,even when you try very hard to please him. When your man is cheating, it’s easy for him to get irritable by what you do. They also tend to accuse you of cheating because they feel since they are doing such, you can also be doing the same.

He is suddenly not active on bed>>>Some conditions can cause sexual inactivity. When your guy doesn't feel in mood when he is with you, something is wrong. There is tendency he is not feeling you anymore or that he is not enjoying sex with you. When this happens, he is likely to be seeing another woman.

He tells you about the girl he met or how she helped her>>>People always talk about what they like. He appreciates and always talks about how nice he feel she is. He may joke about her sometimes leaving you wondering who is really this girl and what she has done to deserve the praises.

You are having the feelings he is cheating on you>>>>Everyone has a sixth sense. And behavioral change specialist and author of More Than Men And Make-Up and Authentic Catalyst Seven Suphi believes you should never ignore it. According to her, people who are being cheated on nearly always know in their heart of hearts what’s going on, but just didn’t want to face it.