Sunday, 6 March 2016

Using computer may reduce cognitive problem at old age>>>>>

Image result for pics of an old woman using a computer<<<<<<Using a computer may help the older ones to reduce their risk of developing memory and thinking problems, according to a new study. Keeping the mind active in old age is very essential as it helps to keep a healthier mind for long. As we age, our brain faces an inevitable decline. 

Apart from the fact that the brain physically shrinks, there are also changes on a cellular and vascular level. Studies have primarily focused on the effects of physical and mental activity, diet and the use of supplements and pointed out that all seem to play a significant role in maintaining the brain's youth and vigor, however, not all findings have supported the fact that mental activity into old age can reduce cognitive decline.  According to a recent study, elders who use computers and often engage in social activities are most likely to stay away from age-related declines in thinking and memory.

 Also researchers found that people who use computer once per week or more were 42 per cent less likely to develop memory and thinking problems than those who did not.

 The study which was conducted by researchers from the Mayo Clinic. The team followed 1,929 people aged 70 and older, who were part of the larger Mayo Clinic Study of Aging in Rochester, US.

Source: Medical News Today